Here at Awemous we are experts in marketing and design for small businesses.

With over 20 years experience in the marketing and design industry there’s nothing that we can’t help with. Whether you need a creative way to launch a new product, a strategic marketing plan to grow your business, an advertising campaign for local or national publications or to keep your business at the forefront of customer’s minds through eventsemail marketing, websites, catalogues or product literature.

You can also hire Awemous as a virtual marketing manager. Hire the brain power you need, when you need it. So if you only need a marketing manager for a couple of days a month, just pay for those days. You’ll get all the advantages of an in-house marketing specialist without the hassle of employing them full time.

The Awemous Difference
We believe in working with you not for you, making each project a team effort – you bring the knowledge of your business and we bring our marketing and design expertise. We are proud of our track record helping many businesses just like yours to increase market share, revenue and profits.

We know small can be mighty so at Awemous we offer friendly, helpful, honest marketing support and services to help send your small business through the stratosphere.



DAVID EDGAR: Awemous Captain

David has over 20 years of experience in the marketing industry plus a background in Management, Marketing and Economics –  so understands the big picture of your business and how marketing really matters to the bottom line.

He has worked for advertising agencies, planning and buying media for national & international companies and for full service marketing agencies looking after clients from local councils to luxury brands, helping them with everything from experiential campaigns to direct mail and contact centres.

David has also looked after IT and technology networks, built websites and integrated up-to-date technology into many campaigns and events.

Sam Osborne Creative Director

SAM OSBORNE: Chief Design Officer

Self confessed brightly-coloured designer nerd Sam has been building, creating and designing smart solutions for businesses for over 12 years. She knows there is more to design than pretty pictures – you need a cost effective solution that works hard for you and your business – so Sam takes the time to really understand your objectives before laying out a pixel or drop of ink!

Having worked for design and advertising agencies she has been involved in all areas of design from branding and corporate identity to brochures, websites and ad campaigns and has worked for a huge range of companies from car manufacturers and cell phone networks to start ups and local businesses. Sam brings her combination of pure creativity and business practicality to each job.

The Awemous Crew

At Awemous we are super flexible and can put together a specialist crew perfect for the requirements of your job.

We use a roster of some of the best developers, event suppliers and specialists on this planet (or any other) which means we can put together a crew perfectly tailored for the requirements of your job.

So whether your job needs a animation specialist, an event wizard or the most techy technology expert, we can find them and get the best out of them for you.

We’re always looking for amazing designers, web and UI developers, photographers, stylists,  film makers, animators and events people. If you’d like to get on our freelance crew list, just drop us an email with a link to your portfolio or website.


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