Brand Design

Brand design

Branding is one of the most important parts of marketing your business. A bespoke and effective brand design is the bedrock on which everything else is built. At Awemous we love to create memorable and compelling logos and brands that truly represent your business.

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Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy defines what you stand for, what your personality is and how your customers view you. It is built on a solid business plan, an understanding of your market and, most importantly, a firm idea of what makes your business unique

All that can seem quite overwhelming so we have created hands-on workshops and PDF worksheets to help you work out your positioning, unique selling points and align your brand strategy with your business goals.

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Logo and Brand Design

Your logo is the starting point for your brand world, it needs to communicate effectively and showcase your unique company ethos. We craft bespoke logos, marques and logotypes that work across many platforms.

 Even though the logo sets the tone, it isn’t everything. Alongside your logo you will need a set of fonts, colours, icons, images as well as tone of voice and photography treatments. We can build you a complete brand identity tailored to your needs.

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Brand Guidelines

Once your brand and logo have been designed, you need to be sure they are used correctly and consistently. A brand guidelines document will ensure that no matter who is using your brand elements they always feel like you. 

We can create simple single page brand sheets with top line information on colours and fonts or in-depth printed corporate identity or brand manual documents.

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Branding for micro businesses and start-ups

We love bringing our big business thinking to even the smallest of companies but we know your budgets are limited and creating a long-term brand strategy can be very hard when you are just starting out. We have a series of products and services designed with the needs of start-ups, the self-employed and companies of less than five in mind.

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