Micro Business Marketing

Design and marketing for micro-businesses

Being a start-up, self-employed or company of less than five people comes with it’s own unique set of challenges. Budgets are tight, ambitions are high and, although we love bringing our big business thinking to even the smallest of companies, the world of branding, design and marketing can often seem out of reach to entrepreneurs and solopreneurs. Marketing your micro business needn’t be impossible though.

We have put together a series of cost-effective products and services with you and your business in mind.

Downloadable worksheets

We have created a pack of worksheets, based on our branding workshops, specifically to help micro business owners get to grips with their marketing.  

The worksheets will help you work through your business model, your audience, your positioning and your messaging – creating a design and marketing brief unique to you. You can then choose our branding package or talk to us about a bespoke solution.

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Brand Ingredients Package

When you are small or just starting out, your branding requirements are often quite small so we have a micro-branding solution for you. From your briefing we will design you a simple logo and put together a brand sheet that shows your logo, colours and fonts. Everything you need to get going with your marketing at a competitive cost.

We can even create design templates for you to be able to create or amend in online design editing programmes or apps.

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Our Social Media Guide

Marketing your micro business has got both easier and more complicated in the digital age. Easier, because online marketing is so affordable; more complicated, because there are so many options to choose from.

Our downloadable social media guide will explain the options available to you, how to create a social media strategy and show you how to assess your success.

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Getting Online Starter Pack

Even the smallest of businesses need a web presence but we know that getting online can seem baffling. Our quick guide gives you all the info you need. It explains the jargon, busts the myths and gives you clear steps to taking your first steps online. 

You can then progress with the pack and start your own web build or get in touch if you’d like us to create your web presence for you.

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