Now we’re teachers too with our Promote Your Art Online course

We've recently been working with The Phoenix Studio in Towersey, Oxfordshire on the technical framework for their new website. Discussions around the build of that site lead to an invitation from Phoenix Studio owner James Ort to develop a course for local artists. The course which we've titled Make the Most of Your Art - Promote
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Here’s a couple of fresh promotional ideas

Keeping your marketing active and constant can be a challenge. After all, you’ve probably been doing the same thing every year for a long time. Sure, it it’s not broke, why fix it? Sometimes, though you can be forced into doing something different, either through a change in management, budgets, timings or a new audience.
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How you can save on your marketing costs

Many companies are looking for ways to extract increasing value from their marketing budget. There are right and wrong ways to go about this as cutting corners in the wrong place can leave your company looking cheap and unprofessional. To help, we’ve created a guide to how you can save on your marketing costs saving your money in
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how to give feedback to your designer

Our top tips on how to give feedback to your designer

Feedback is the life and soul of a design job. Designers need feedback. Designers want to work with you during the design process. We are on the same side, we care about your company and your brand, and your feedback. But not all feedback is created equal. Giving the right type of feedback is crucial to the success
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Rock out Wednesday logo

Rock Out Wednesday #10

It’s Wednesday and we’re halfway through the week. Here’s the kick you need to get you the rest of the way. At Awemous Towers, we’ve declared every Wednesday, ‘Rock out Wednesday’ and bring an excellent rock track for you to brighten up the day with. This week The Struts, who are bringing 70s rock back
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Adverts that make us a little bit sick

Motion Sickness is that feeling of nausea you get after spinning round too rapidly on the mad carousel in the park, bobbing up and down in a boat, or being stuck in the back seat of a car when you’re little. It’s caused when there’s a disconnect from what your eyes see and what your inner
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When Marketing goes wrong, it goes really Wrong

We all know the terrible fate that has befallen Malaysian Airlines in 2014. Clearly they need some decent ideas to get people to love the brand and go flying with them again. However, the following wasn’t it: Malaysia Airlines "My Ultimate Bucket List", cause if there r things to do before you die, MA is the best
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5 reasons to have a printed brochure

You make or distribute a bunch of products – right? If not, maybe, you sell a range of services. So how do you explain your product to people when you’re not there? In a digital media age, do you still need a physical brochure? After all, they’re the past aren’t they? And printing is expensive
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Inspiration Friday

Inspiration Friday #11 – Stefan Sagmeister

Friday rolls around and we’re itching for the weekend. First though you have to make it through the day and you may just need a spot of inspiration to do that. Inspiration Friday #11 is from The Creative Class (by WeTransfer). This short video series features a number of creative people lovingly filmed sharing their
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invent, imagine, promote, repeat

How can you make the ‘interesting’ more interesting?

Nonconformity and the Creative Life is the title of this video by Shots of Awe, the YouTube channel of Jason Silva. It’s fun filled thought provoking stuff isn’t it? But what Jason has done here is nothing new. He’s presenting the thoughts of others, wrapping it up and delivering it in a fast, fun, manner.
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