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Dancing rears its ugly head again

Back in 2014 we talked about how dancing was the fad of the moment. You drank or ate something and started to dance. There was no reason for the dancing – it just was. Somehow as a viewer you were meant to understand that the dancing was good and that the item you drank or ate
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Happy New Year

Another year rolls round and we’re all back at our desks with noses to the grindstone putting together clever stuff for businesses around the country. Happy New Year everyone. But first let’s take a quick look back at 2016. Sure Brexit and Trump happened and 90% of our heroes disappeared but there was some good
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how to give feedback to your designer

Our top tips on how to give feedback to your designer

Feedback is the life and soul of a design job. Designers need feedback. Designers want to work with you during the design process. We are on the same side, we care about your company and your brand, and your feedback. But not all feedback is created equal. Giving the right type of feedback is crucial to the success
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Adverts that make us a little bit sick

Motion Sickness is that feeling of nausea you get after spinning round too rapidly on the mad carousel in the park, bobbing up and down in a boat, or being stuck in the back seat of a car when you’re little. It’s caused when there’s a disconnect from what your eyes see and what your inner
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When Marketing goes wrong, it goes really Wrong

We all know the terrible fate that has befallen Malaysian Airlines in 2014. Clearly they need some decent ideas to get people to love the brand and go flying with them again. However, the following wasn’t it: Malaysia Airlines "My Ultimate Bucket List", cause if there r things to do before you die, MA is the best
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Tui Catch a Million Press release FINAL

The Best Promotion Ever

If you weren’t in New Zealand during the last Summer (2013/14) then you unfortunately missed out on being part of the greatest commercial promotional campaign ever. Yes, EVER. What was it I hear you ask? Well, before we launch into the whats, wheres and hows of it, first some background. Let’s paint a picture of
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hornitos ladies serving tequila

Doesn’t matter, any tequila

Ha, this is the sort of bloke ad that warms the heart. Faced with a super generic product like Tequila, how do you separate it’s sameness and say something different? Do you tell its potential drinkers that its brewed differently, has better worms in it, is lovingly curated by Mexican virgins? Or do you just
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Inspiration Friday #6

Friday rolls around and we’re itching for the weekend. First though you have to make it through the day and you’ll need a spot of inspiration do that. Inspiration Friday #6 is a small animated video based on an interview with Richard Feynman, an American theoretical physicist. Feynman was the Stephen Hawkings of his time,
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where did you get our number image

It’s the little things that count

Just been to have my car serviced and it was a great experience. That’s a strange thing to say. Ordinarily car servicing would be considered a dark art by many. After all, who knows how cars work? You open the bonnet and are confronted with hoses, wheels, cogs, bottles, knobs, and metallic shiny things. How
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Profit vs Quality part 2

I wrote a while back about cost-cutting in the post ‘Profit vs Quality‘.  It included the sorry tale of Threadless, the t-shirt manufacturer, that had ultimately had to give away 5000 shirts to prove to their previously loyal customers that they could actually make t-shirts properly. It was a sad thing. Tom Fishburne over at
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