The oh god, isn’t the future scary? Augmented Reality post

There’s a lot of excitement about Augmented Reality in the tech world. That’s the business of layering on content to our views of the world through our screens. That excitement is gradually dribbling out to the rest of us. With the release of ARKit by Apple and a similar package by Google, it’s soon to be in everyone’s hands / eyes.

Check out MadewithARKit to see some truly incredible things that are going on. This Tesla car is fascinating.

The MadewithARKit twitter account is definitely worth following.

From our good friends Mr Hyde (who do the best reviews of the goings on in London), there’s a review of augmented reality drinks at City Social.

augmented drinks

Buy a drink, open up the app and watch the world around your drink come to life in animation.

Ikea has been one of the first corporations to leap into this brave new world. Their new Place app will let you see how furniture will look in your house before you buy. Difficult to know whether this will lead to more sales or not, especially once you see that there really is no room to put another vase / chair / bookcase in your lounge.

Here’s a few more apps to take a look at.

sycamore book by craig falconerBut before you get too deep into it. A word of caution. Do yourself a favour and think about where this is headed. I recently read Sycamore by Craig Falconer. It’s a dystopic tale of how embedding augmented reality into contact lenses quickly changes society completely. Within weeks the government demands it as mandatory to have AR lenses as they can keep tabs on the population easier. Meanwhile the hipster cool corporation that makes these (think Apple) endlessly plays targeted advertising to you on your lenses whenever and wherever it feels like. The most popular apps in this AR world? Changing your body shape and clothing style via AR so you’ll be fashionable. No physical changes occur anywhere but because everyone has lenses we all see each other depicted as we want to be. UNTIL you step out of line and your AR shape is changed outside of your control – perhaps into somebody who looks completely unlike you. This happens with the environment too…

But until such terrifying things occur, enjoy messing around with a quainter AR world through your phone. Will all this be a fad like the Pokemon Go game last year?