It’s so effing simple

2356% APR – It’s so effing simple.

Quite apart from the shameful wrongness of this type of finance, how did anyone at QuickQuid or their ‘advertising’ agency allow the F word in this ad?

When, where, what?!I hear you say. Head straight to here to listen.

You what…? She says quick and simple, not the f word Dave. Oh…well to my ears when shown on the telly this morning it sounded like ‘so effing simple’.

Remember ladies, if you need money in a hurry you should always choose tricking on the streets over paying TWO THOUSAND PERCENT INTEREST!!!

Work harder, lay off the fags and booze, stop buying scratchcards, lcd tvs, and pies and you might not have to ever visit the scumbags at Quick Quid, Wonga, Ocean Finance, etc.

Yours quite angrily, Dave