He Said, She Said: Sparking Joy

Over the holiday break Netflix introduced a new series which quickly took the world by storm, Tidying Up. The concept of tidying isn’t new - there’s been loads of hoarder themed programmes over the years - however, adding a twist of psycho-babble fronted by a tiny, Japanese lady has proved very popular, including the idea ... Read more

He Said, She Said: Product Differentiation

We read this week about a new product from Unilever that is designed to refresh that pile of worn clothes in your bedroom. Which got us thinking about how designing and marketing new products is so tricky but yet it's a key part of running a successful business. Here are our thoughts: He said Shocked ... Read more

He Said, She Said: Influencer Marketing

Recently the Advertising Standard Authority launched a review of the practises around 'influencer' marketing on social media platforms. Social media is an increasing part of businesses marketing mix so should you be using influencer marketing and what are the pitfalls? Here is our take on this at times controversial form of marketing: He said Company spokespeople ... Read more

He Said, She Said: New Coke Zero Sugar Brand Packaging

Earlier this year Coke unveiled new packaging for their Coke Zero Sugar brand which heavily incorporates their iconic red colour, a change from the previously all black packaging. As a giant in the world of business and retail it's always worth paying attention to what the coca cola company is up to, so here is ... Read more

How clients and creatives can work together to be an amazing creative team.

The client and creative relationship can be exciting, productive, fulfilling and produce amazing work that pleases everyone involved and, most importantly, makes a real difference to the business. However sometimes it can fall short of that. But never fear we’re here to show you how both sides can work together as an effective team. Teamwork … Read more

The oh god, isn’t the future scary? Augmented Reality post

augmented drinks

There’s a lot of excitement about Augmented Reality in the tech world. That’s the business of layering on content to our views of the world through our screens. That excitement is gradually dribbling out to the rest of us. With the release of ARKit by Apple and a similar package by Google, it’s soon to … Read more

You can add design to anything and make it better

Want to read an inspirational design story? Check out this article on water bottle designer Sarah Kauss, CEO of S’Well. S’Well make water bottles. Which conjures up an image like this: And then (if you care about the environment) you leap to this: But Sarah wanted to create a re-usable bottle that wouldn’t be thrown … Read more

What happens to architects design dreams?

RIAS cardboard display house

Houses in the UK look like this. Those are new houses. Not hundred year old houses. Hundred year old houses look like this: That’s right. Pretty much exactly the same. What goes on in housebuilder’s minds? Don’t any of them want to try something new? Maybe there’s been some new materials invented during the last … Read more

Marketing blogs you should be reading

We’d like to think ours is the only blog you’d ever need to read about marketing but that would be a big fat lie. There are loads of amazing, creative, inspiring people out there writing great things about marketing. So read on and fill your online world with marketing wisdom! Mark Ritson in Marketing Week Award … Read more

What kind of brochure do you need?

Most companies need a brochure of some sort to help sell their products or services. Brochures can do many jobs and sell many kinds of products so working out how to get the best brochure for your business needs can be tricky. Brochures vary in style, size, length and how the information is ordered and … Read more