Urgent is just bad time keeping

clock ticking

Urgent is the enemy of good design. Urgent is the enemy of your budget. Urgent is the enemy of your relationship. Urgent is the enemy of your designer’s tiny amount of free time. If you request something urgently, your expectation has to be that it will be created expensively and almost certainly will not be … Read more

Five ways illustration can take your design project to the next level

In a world where stock photography and illustrations are easy to get hold of and no longer cost the earth, is there any reason to commission bespoke illustrations for your brand? We asked our Creative Director Sam Osborne (who is an illustrator when she isn’t creating designs for Awemous) to talk us through the world of illustration. “As … Read more

Dancing rears its ugly head again

Back in 2014 we talked about how dancing was the fad of the moment. You drank or ate something and started to dance. There was no reason for the dancing – it just was. Somehow as a viewer you were meant to understand that the dancing was good and that the item you drank or ate … Read more

What should you do this year to boost sales?

The Best things you can do to boost business this year

Forget about new year’s resolutions, what should you really be doing to bring in more business? Marketing is the driving force of all business from new enquiries to long term customer relationships. How and why you communicate with your customers can make all the difference to your bottom line. Here’s a checklist of things to … Read more

Happy New Year

Another year rolls round and we’re all back at our desks with noses to the grindstone putting together clever stuff for businesses around the country. Happy New Year everyone. But first let’s take a quick look back at 2016. Sure Brexit and Trump happened and 90% of our heroes disappeared but there was some good … Read more

The Best Designer Wall Planners for 2017

Organisation is probably one of your resolutions for 2017 and what better way to get organising than filling a wall planner. But getting organised doesn't mean you have to hang something ugly from Staples on the wall. Here's some of the best designer wall planners for 2017. Patterns Wall Planner by Sam Osborne - A2 ... Read more

8 Awesome Free Ideas To Ignite Your Small Business

We’ve put together at a range of ideas that can light a rocket under your business without you having to spend a penny! These tips range from looking at the way you invoice things to simply picking up the phone and chatting to your customers. Together they offer a package of ideas you can implement today … Read more

Free online courses to up your business game

Running your own business requires a huge range of skills, lots of which are hard to learn on your own. These free courses can help you gain those skills and improve your business. We’ve put together a list of the best free online courses that you can sign up for today. They cover everything from … Read more

Why investing in original design is a good idea

Does rejecting original design and using stock or mass marketplaces pay off in the end? Or is it a false economy? Hint: it doesn’t pay off. The internet has been a boon for the world. Information is now everywhere and easily accessible. Along with it, we have access to a whole world of digital goods … Read more