Urgent is just bad time keeping

Urgent is the enemy of good design.

Urgent is the enemy of your budget.

Urgent is the enemy of your relationship.

Urgent is the enemy of your designer’s tiny amount of free time.

If you request something urgently, your expectation has to be that it will be created expensively and almost certainly will not be the best work.

There’s a saying popular in the design world. Choose two of the following: Fast, Cheap, Good.

You can only have two of those ie. Fast and Cheap but it won’t be Good. Cheap and Good but it won’t be Fast. Fast and Good but it won’t be Cheap.

Urgent instantly removes the option of either Cheap or Good. And that’s your fault unfortunately.

Remember nothing in your business life is urgent. You have had ample time to prepare for meetings and if not you shouldn’t have set a meeting date without allowing time to prepare.

The only time things are urgent are when you need to pull the parachute cord after jumping from the plane. And your business life has no parallel to that.

Enjoy things a little more and eliminate urgent from your life. Everyone will thank you.