Air NZ – Happy Hour (via airnewzealand)

All we need now is a nice Kiwi Bitch.

This bizarre russian squirrel / dog thing is now the spokesperson for the airline from home.

It’s funny in a ‘don’t foreigners speak funny’ kind of way. Part of the whole revamp of Air New Zealand that is about 15 years too late to convince me to fly with them again.

But, I like her bush…

Every time you make a bad ad, a unicorn dies.

Nice sentiment – produced in a particularly bogun style for the Eagle Awards in South Africa.

The Gap disaster is rolling on. Two days later and the blogosphere / twitterverse is full of it. Can’t help but wonder if they’re engineering the whole thing to make us just keep talking about them..? Anyway, couple of cool things have emerged from all this. Firstly, create your own Crap logo at You … Read more

Dear Gap

You have been sold the logo of a pharmaceutical company. More here.

This is not the logo of a company of seemingly friendly chaps that had a dream of clothing the world in the 1990s in chinos and bright shirts.

Stop taking the drugs.


Dear McCains,

You have been sold an ad for photography.