The Gap disaster is rolling on. Two days later and the blogosphere / twitterverse is full of it.

Can’t help but wonder if they’re engineering the whole thing to make us just keep talking about them..?

Anyway, couple of cool things have emerged from all this. Firstly, create your own Crap logo at You can see how the marketbing logo has improved immeasureably!

Meanwhile over at Gapify, they’re investigating what the world might look like if everybody sacked their designers and just put some random symbol slightly to the right and on top of their name.

For example here’s YouTube.

Great fun.

Gap has now created, although likely unintentionally, an entire internet meme. Whilst you should revile their attempts to bypass all good design and employ the work of some random vice president’s niece (or wherever this came from), its given us all something to talk about. Which can only be good.