8 Awesome Free Ideas To Ignite Your Small Business


We’ve put together at a range of ideas that can light a rocket under your business without you having to spend a penny!

These tips range from looking at the way you invoice things to simply picking up the phone and chatting to your customers. Together they offer a package of ideas you can implement today to build your business for the future.

Bill faster: Don’t wait to batch process your invoices, bill everything as soon as you can. The quicker you invoice the quicker you get paid!

Pick up the phone: And call your existing clients and customers and say hi, it’s easy to neglect them in favour of chasing new business but it’s your existing clients that currently pay your bills. Show them some love.

List your business: In local, national and industry specific directories. This makes you easier to find and allows you to target sectors and regions. Don’t forget your Google Local profile either as this helps you get found in online searches.

Start collecting email addresses: If you don’t already do this you should set up a form on your website where people can sign up and give you their email address. Email is still one of the most affordable and effective forms of marketing.

Delegate: Work out what you are best at and stick to that. Try to delegate everything else so you are free to focus on what earns the money.

Be a spokesperson: Offer to give a talk or ask your local paper or a trade magazine if you could write a column. Getting known as the person to talk to about topics affecting your industry will bring opportunities for free promotion.

Give something away: This might sound contradictory but people love free things. If you can find a small piece of your product, service or expertise to give away you’ll get your business in front of many more potential customers. You could offer this in exchange for an email address so you can start growing your list.

Send a Christmas Card: OK, so not totally free but this is well worth the cost of a stamp. Sending cards to clients and customers to thank them for their business over the past year is a great way to stay at the front of their minds. You could even make these branded cards with a custom design for your business (with the help of a friendly designer!)


Now light the touchpaper and stand well back!

The Awemous Team