Marketing blogs that business owners and marketing managers should be reading

We’d like to think ours is the only blog you’d ever need to read about marketing but that would be a big fat lie. There are loads of amazing, creative, inspiring people out there writing great things about marketing. So read on and fill your online world with marketing wisdom!

Marketing Week
Markteting Week is the grand daddy of marketing resources and their insight into the industry is brilliant, thought provoking and full of great stories!

Dave is a creative director, copywriter, and man responsible for some of the most iconic ads ever made. His writing style and way of approaching a topic would be inspiring enough but he also talks a lot of sense. If you’re looking for someone to tell it like it is without buzzwords and marketing BS then Dave’s your man.

A man of few words, but boy are they good ones! Seth’s blogs are short, sweet, to the point and each is filled with a gem of an idea or opinion. If you are short of time but need a dose of top-notch thinking then head to Seth’s blog!

A blog, a podcast, beautiful images and great links to the best internet wonders out there. Ben’s blog is an all round look at marketing and design from someone who works in the industry. A must visit if you are stuck for how to use words to sell your business.

Dave is creative director of JWT and, amongst other things on his awesome blog, he gives a blow by blow accounts of the story behind various advertising campaigns. It’s a rich seam of inspiration and great insight into how ideas are developed and delivered,

Written by advertising giant Bob Hoffman this blog is the repository for his knowledge built up over a long and distinguished career. But don’t expect Bob to be stuck in the past, he has strong views on social media, digital advertising and TV.
Tom Fishburne’s blog smartly parodies the world of marketing with witty cartoons. But don’t be fooled by the jokes and laughter, there are also serious messages with implications for anyone in charge of marketing.