Email Marketing

Keep in touch with your clients and customers through email marketing, the original and most effective digital marketing tool.

Staying in regular contact with your most loyal customers enables you to promote new products, introduce new ideas and enhance your brand. Keeping ‘top of mind’ is the aim for all businesses and regular professional email contact can provide that.

Email is a proven effective marketing tool that is often underutilised by businesses. Done well, you can build a tribe of loyal customers and avid readers who not only open and read your communications but also click through and purchase from you. The ROI rates for email marketing remain higher than many other forms of marketing.

The key to that communication process is building an accurate, GDPR-compliant database of customer and prospect contacts. Using HTML email marketing tools and technologies and keeping them up to date. And crafting well-written, engaging, good-looking bulletins, newsletters or campaigns that get results. We can help with all of this.

At Awemous we:

  • Help build a database through customer contact
  • Produce professionally designed HTML-based emails
  • Provide reports on success including opening and bounce stats

Content Creation

We specialise in crafting compelling email content that resonates with your audience. Our approach involves understanding your brand voice and translating it into engaging and persuasive email messages. This ensures your emails stand out, encouraging readers to take action.

Editorial Planning

A structured editorial plan is key to successful email marketing. We can develop a comprehensive editorial calendar that aligns with your marketing objectives and seasonal trends. This planning ensures consistent and timely delivery of your messages, keeping your audience engaged and informed.

Creating Lead Magnets

Work with you we design attractive lead magnets tailored to your target audience. These powerful tools, such as ebooks, guides, or exclusive offers, are instrumental in attracting new subscribers and nurturing leads. They provide value to your audience, making it more likely for them to share their contact information.

Developing Landing Pages

We build high-converting landing pages specifically designed to grow your email list. These pages are optimised for user experience, with clear calls-to-action and persuasive copy that channels visitors into your email marketing funnel. Whether it’s for a special promotion or a regular newsletter, our landing pages are crafted to maximise conversions.

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