Inspiration Friday #3

As it’s Friday and the end of another week, we can often be accused of not really wanting to give a ****. If that feels a bit like you today, then why not get inspired by listening to somebody clever talk about fun stuff.

This second Inspiration Friday post is from a lost documentary on the making of probably the greatest film ever made, ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ Watch as Director Irwin Kirshner tells us he isn’t making a a science fiction movie but a fairy tale, and then be totally awestruck by the fact that the crew are actually building a real working spaceship, a real base, and actually filming in Arctic conditions to recreate the Planet Hoth. Plus it only cost $18m to make. Astonishing. It is easy to say but worth saying again, they don’t make ’em like that any more. Mores the pity.

Get lost in the Star Wars world again and let’s all hope that Disney and JJ Abrams can recreate that lost magic for the next one.


Woah, you lucky kids. Here’s more bonus inspiration for you this week. Check out this amazing house in Palm Springs designed by John Lautner for comedian Bob Hope. It’s a snip at $50 million but is truly beautifully crafted.


More here at the LA Times real estate page and here for the real estate agents brochure.