Deals to dry for

Just had some new work produced for MKG in advance of their annual food extravaganza. Thought it might be worthy of a post of its own as it is slightly unusual.

To get people thinking about attending this year’s MKG food Extravaganza, a device was required to get people to ‘save the date’. The target market is food professionals ie. catering managers, chefs, kitchen managers, kitchen hands, etc. so with that in mind, we wanted something that customers would hang on to until closer to the date. We have previously used fridge magnets, pens, notepads, etc. – the standard items. So time for some new thinking and eventually we settled on a tea towel. Prices for these have now dropped to a level where short runs are possible for promotional items.

deals to dry for tea towelTea-Towel-Hanging-Curled-LR

Accompanying the tea towel was a standard post card, with ‘Deals to write home for’ connecting it to the theme of the day, ‘There’s a great deal on’. A double hit of activity which is bright, colourful and stylish, and hopefully memorable.