Enormously Awesome World Cup Fever

Today is the start of the football world cup in Brazil. Yep, that’s stating the obvious, but for those that don’t follow sports this may be news.

Our interest in the tournament springs more than just a general interest in football. We were asked by our client MKG Foods to create a series of posters they could give to their customers to promote eating and drinking in their establishments during the televised games. MKG provides the food to over 3000 food businesses throughout the midlands from pubs,bars and clubs through to restaurants, schools and care homes. The more people eat out during the world cup, clearly the more food MKG hope to sell. So, we set out to create some fun posters to attract passers by to watch the games in their pubs and bars.

This time around the World Cup games are held during the evening, peak time for food delivery in pubs and restaurants. While this may mean less interruption for other businesses in the UK, who normally have to worry about staff ‘disappearing’ during the day to watch games, for pubs and bars this means a potentially huge windfall in revenue.

Our work hoped to create a friendly banter type rapport with the viewer. We didn’t want to feed off the personalities within the World Cup – it seems that when you do, inevitably something goes wrong with that individual ie. injury, bad behaviour, etc.

Anyway, here’s a little gallery of the posters. We’re pretty pleased with them and hope you see them out and about in your area during the tournament.

And if you still need something to keep track of the world cup, Sam has created a downloadable football world cup poster that you can fill in as the games go on. Available here or by clicking the image.

Sam Osborne world cup 2014 draw poster wall chart

Following the World Cup while you’re out and about? We can recommend the official Fifa app. It has live scoring updates, lets you favourite your country and follow news for just them, and has loads of stats. All in all not bad for one of the most corrupt corporations in the world.

Lastly, Twitter Business UK has some useful information and statistics about their involvement with the World Cup. This may be useful to you if your business is holiding a world cup promotion (or you just want to get involved) during the tournament.

Don’t forget the new hashflags feature!

world cup 2014 hashflags