Retainer Marketing

A marketing service that is as flexible as your business needs it to be.
If you only need marketing support for a couple of days a month, you just pay for those days.

Our Retainer Marketing packages are more cost-effective than a series of ad-hoc projects and give you peace of mind over your monthly spending. They can also be used to expand your team to include an experienced Marketing Manager or CMO, giving you top-level support without significantly adding to your payroll.
Spend your money on the outcomes, not unnecessary staff costs. 

Retainer Marketing Packages
Our retainer marketing services are ideal if:

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed trying to market your business by yourself.
  • You need an injection of ideas and experience to launch your business or a specific product.
  • You have ongoing marketing requirements but are not ready to employ full-time marketing staff.

Fractional CMO Packages
Fractional CMO services are ideal if:

  • You need marketing expertise to grow your business but are not ready, or don’t have the budget to employ a full-time Marketing Manager or Marketing Officer.
  • You need help with strategy, processes, operations, and management of day-to-day implementation by your in-house team or external contractors.
  • You have an internal team that needs guidance and mentoring.

Designed around you

All our services are designed to be flexible and to grow as you grow. They can be scaled up if your needs change or you have an event, product launch or PR opportunity that needs extra support. Or conversely, we can work together for an agreed time, after which you’ll be set up to take over the marketing functions.

We can put together a package that matches your budget, you goals and your requirements.

Think of us as part of your in-house team, as invested and excited about your success as you are.

Examples of how we can help

Develop a marketing strategy for your business or new product/service.

Implement promotional ideas through direct mail, content or email marketing.

Mentoring and guidance. As part-time CMO we work with your in-house team to elevate your marketing.

As part of your ‘in-house’ team, we’re a reliable sounding board for advice, guidance and strategic insights.

What you can expect from us

Itemised activity records so you can see where your budget is being spent with us.

Performance reports for any websites or digital campaigns we’re looking after.

Flexibility, if your needs change we can scale up and down around your requirements.

Team players. We’ll come to you with ideas and keep an eye on your marketplace for you.

Want to find out more?

Visit the portfolio to see examples of our design and marketing work, or visit our about page.

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