Adverts that make us a little bit sick

Motion Sickness is that feeling of nausea you get after spinning round too rapidly on the mad carousel in the park, bobbing up and down in a boat, or being stuck in the back seat of a car when you’re little. It’s caused when there’s a disconnect from what your eyes see and what your inner body feels (in technical terms, visually perceived movement and the vestibular system’s sense of movement.) Depending on what causes you to experience it, you may call it car sickness, sea sickness, airsick, or simulation sickness.

These adverts produce the same feeling in me – Advert sickness!

This Ikea one starts me hurling right from the beginning. At the end I’m a blithering mess and my eyes have lost all reason in my head. How are these people even standing up in their carousel kitchen?

This one’s best watched in full screen. Apple’s latest advert starts out in generic dullness with their trademark ‘lifestyle’ images. As it goes on however, you’ll notice the screen is collapsing in on you Star Wars stuck-in-the-trash-compactor style. As it goes on, images whirl through a smaller and smaller space. The effect is to leave you gasping for breath and waiting to die. Help….