Bloke Kicks Over Bowl of Glitter in Living Room … wins ad of year.

Sussex Safe Roads campaign was named 2010 ‘Ad of the Year’ on Youtube. Embrace life is wishy washy, lovey dovey nonsense, filmed in slo-mo with lots of plinky-plonky piano going on and a vacuous family in it. You’ll probably love it but that’s why you’re reading this – so you can be educated properly.

‘Embrace Life’ tries to get us to wear seatbelts. Who doesn’t put their seatbelt on these days? That’s right, idiots.

And those idiots have been commenting in their tonnes on this video. You have to read some of the comments on youtube to believe them.

“I put my seatbelt on today because of this video… couldn’t get it out of my head.”, Mythreenme – YouTube comment

Why? What on earth made you do this today and not every other day…?

This ad is only going to keep more morons alive and prevent natural selection…and therefore I hate it. You should too.

Get help.