Fat People Have Families too, says KFC

The scene is set. It’s a sunshiney avo in urban Britain. We should go outside say the people. Let’s gather seating say the people. Anything that can be sat on is removed from its place and dragged over hedges, down stair wells, and out windows. Chuck us a cushion say the people. I am too fat to stand up says another. There’s KFC outside says one clever chap. A stampede erupts.

Where on earth are the KFC marketing people getting their information from? How many social gatherings have you been to that involved the hosts going, ‘Bugger the cooking bit. I’ll just get a couple of hundred pounds worth of KFC in.’ And if that did happen, how many of you would hang around sitting in the sunshine on top of your sofa awash with KFC grease and fat from the badly kept battery chicken farms of Britain that supply KFC.

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who actually eats KFC, let alone someone that attends mass KFC eating events. But that’s just me and I’m pretty sure I’m not in the target market of KFC, being a human that enjoys outdoor activity and all. Seriously, if you are in that market bracket, get on YourEllipticals, get out of there!

This is a massive fail. I don’t care how prettily the damn thing is shot and how nice the music is, the message is so far off it makes me cry.

Reality check people.

Oozing with fat,