Here’s a couple of fresh promotional ideas

Keeping your marketing active and constant can be a challenge. After all, you’ve probably been doing the same thing every year for a long time. Sure, it it’s not broke, why fix it? Sometimes, though you can be forced into doing something different, either through a change in management, budgets, timings or a new audience. Here’s a couple of great award winning examples that show you can do new things once in a while to stand out.

Melanoma Likes Me

This campaign for the charity MPA just won a Silver in some random category at Cannes, so it’s got to be good, right? Forget what you think about Cannes and watch the video. It’s utterly superb. A super simple idea and something that will get you thinking about how you promote your business. The simple act of a horrible cancer liking sun-kissed images on instagram is creepy, yet downright brilliant and is a super example of how to engage with a younger audience.


This little campaign for a small German shop Schirm & Co. who sell umbrellas is a nice idea too. There aren’t any stats on whether this had any material impact on sales, but the shop is still operating and they only spent €130 on this idea, so in PR terms alone they probably got a long lasting effect. Anyway, this small guerrilla campaign involved stencilling a small advert on outdoor locations that is only visible when it rains. And what do you need when it rains? An umbrella!