Now we’re teachers too with our Promote Your Art Online course

We’ve recently been working with The Phoenix Studio in Towersey, Oxfordshire on the technical framework for their new website. Discussions around the build of that site lead to an invitation from Phoenix Studio owner James Ort to develop a course for local artists. The course which we’ve titled Make the Most of Your Art – Promote Your Art Online, began last week with a full attendance in the studio’s incredible country space.

Week one saw us running through a branding project with the artists, asking them to see their art as a business. So, we looked at their art and why they do it, their audience and who might buy it and then their objectives for a website and their online promotion.

From this we were able to create a mission statement for each artist. Here’s a fun one we made for a very famous international artist.

I am a graffiti artist who paints anonymously on walls for the socially conscious so they can understand the issues of modern living.

Can you guess who it is?

Hopefully you thought Banksy!

From their objectives, we built a site map for our intended website and then talked about custom domain names, websites and the reasons for them and what tools we might use to build them.

After two weeks, we’re really happy with how it’s going and have lots of motivated artists out there trying new things. We’ve set up a Facebook group to keep the conversation going after every session and that is full of posts from the course trying and sharing their ideas.

So here’s the course outline:

Week 1: Getting started
Session 1 – All about you
Session 2 – Website intro

Week 2: Building your website
Session 3 – The tech stuff
Session 4 – The content stuff

Week 3: Social Media
Session 5 – Where, what, when, how

Week 4: More promotion & selling
Session 6 – Online & offline ideas
Session 7 – Selling online

We’re planning on doing it all again later in the year and if you’re interested please get in touch with The Phoenix Studio.