The slow slow death of advertising part 15

Over the years, we’ve looked at a few really poor adverts and pointed out that as a whole the creative industry seems to be slowly giving up on trying too hard. Or you can look at it slightly differently and say that clients aren’t allowing the creative souls to get away with as much craziness as they used to.

Either way, you have to wonder how the heck stuff like this is getting produced:

Haribo – Starmix 2014 – adults lip syncing to kids voices in a cinema

WB Studio – London tour – adults lip syncing to kids voices on a tour

It’s all cringeworthy, awful stuff that makes your skin crawl.

If you’re wondering where this particular advertising trope came from (and realising of course that nothing in advertising is ever original but stolen from movies, tv, and youtube), the central idea of lip syncing kids voices by adults is probably from this popular YouTube series, Kid Snippets.

Gotta admit it’s a lot funnier as an idea when it isn’t trying to sell you something. Also, it helps that the scripts are wittier, the actors better, and the set up interesting.