Inspiration Friday #10

Friday rolls around and we’re itching for the weekend. First though you have to make it through the day and you’ll need a spot of inspiration to do that.

Inspiration Friday #10 is from RSA Animate which a friend pointed me to during the week. RSA is a non-profit company set up to undertake innovative research. To be honest I’ve no idea what they do, but they seem to have made a bunch of amusing and interesting animated videos about the modern workplace and future thinking.

This one is called Re-Imagining Work – an animated discussion about the way we work and where we work. Why do most of us commute through crowded streets to an overcrowded open plan office? How does the constant monitoring of workers behaviour make us behave? How can we get people more engaged, more productive and happier at work? Having just read Dave Egger’s book The Circle during the week, I’m hyper aware of the changes technology is making to our lives and just where this might lead so this video popped up at a good time.

Hope you enjoy it.