You can add design to anything and make it better

Want to read an inspirational design story? Check out this article on water bottle designer Sarah Kauss, CEO of S’Well. S’Well make water bottles. Which conjures up an image like this: And then (if you care about the environment) you leap to this: But Sarah wanted to create a re-usable bottle that wouldn’t be thrown … Read more

The Best Designer Wall Planners for 2017

Organisation is probably one of your resolutions for 2017 and what better way to get organising than filling a wall planner. But getting organised doesn't mean you have to hang something ugly from Staples on the wall. Here's some of the best designer wall planners for 2017. Patterns Wall Planner by Sam Osborne - A2 ... Read more

Why investing in original design is a good idea

Does rejecting original design and using stock or mass marketplaces pay off in the end? Or is it a false economy? Hint: it doesn’t pay off. The internet has been a boon for the world. Information is now everywhere and easily accessible. Along with it, we have access to a whole world of digital goods … Read more

Our top tips on how to give feedback to your designer

how to give feedback to your designer

Feedback is the life and soul of a design job. Designers need feedback. Designers want to work with you during the design process. We are on the same side, we care about your company and your brand, and your feedback. But not all feedback is created equal. Giving the right type of feedback is crucial to the success … Read more

5 reasons to have a printed brochure

You make or distribute a bunch of products – right? If not, maybe, you sell a range of services. So how do you explain your product to people when you’re not there? In a digital media age, do you still need a physical brochure? After all, they’re the past aren’t they? And printing is expensive ... Read more

An enormously awesome day at the London Design Festival

London Design Festival image
Took the opportunity to have a field trip over the weekend to some of the works that are part of the London Design Festival (LDF). If you're unaware, the LDF is an annual experience showcasing some of the best and most creative examples of design that London has to offer. It's not just artists, but ... Read more

Pantone Calendar for 2013

We’ve arrived in 2013 and for those with a planning head on, that means a chance to put up a new calendar on the wall. Here’s one with a tonne of colour from the home of colour itself, Pantone. Super nice looking, loads of visual stuff going on, bright colours, touches of humour. A winner all round.

Bit difficult to find in the UK but Amazon have a few sellers with them.