An enormously awesome day at the London Design Festival

Took the opportunity to have a field trip over the weekend to some of the works that are part of the London Design Festival (LDF). If you’re unaware, the LDF is an annual experience showcasing some of the best and most creative examples of design that London has to offer. It’s not just artists, but all forms of the creative world, from photographers, galleries, museums, agencies, etc.

First up was the V&A museum which had exhibits dotted all round the place. The V&A is awesome normally and with a few extra bits chucked in for this weekend it was a great visit. We got there early which was a bonus as we were first to many of the interactive events – the V&A gets mega crowded just after lunch.

Then after partaking in the Type Tasting exhibit, being wowed by the Seaweed sculptures, hunting down the Typography exhibit (super-hidden), and eating the world’s most expensive lunch (seriously V&A, have a good look at yourself), it was off to the centre of town for more locations.

Next up, was Fortnum & Mason which had the good folks from Sort displaying their letter press and design goodies. Then off to Anthropologie to watch Gwyneth Leech hand paint her paper coffee cups in the window, plus its a good place to have a good shop and nose around.

After that a trek to 19 Greek street, on the way taking in all those fantastic comic shops like Gosh and Orbital. 19 Greek Street has a fantastic four floors worth of amazing exhibits. The Analogia Project by Andrea Mancuso and Emilia Serra is worth the trip alone.

There are hundreds more events, seminars, exhibitions and shows taking place over the next two weeks. Get involved and go see some of them. There’s an excellent guide book to go with it so pick one of those up first and choose your locations before you set out.

Anyway, here’s a few pictures: