Inspiration Friday #8

Friday rolls around and we’re itching for the weekend. First though you have to make it through the day and you’ll need a spot of inspiration to do that.

Inspiration Friday #8 is from Ricky Gervais as he hangs out with fellow comedians Louis CK, Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock. They babble about the art of making comedy, the ups and downs of performing and some of the psychology behind what is funny. It’s interesting and bloody funny in parts too. Seinfeld comes as across as a plenty dull bloke, but Chris Rock and Louis CK are cool guys and you’ll end up liking them a lot.

Ricky gets quite deep into why he tries to make people laugh and how hard he actually thinks about what he writes. There’s actually some veiled comments about the current crop of new British talent who are riding the wave of the ‘comedy is the new rock n roll’ thing in the UK. He points out that just because something is easy to say, why say it? Comedy should be difficult to write and not just be the obvious. There’s some inspiring stuff too from all the performers as they try to figure out what it is about them and their acts that has made them famous. Bloody minded perseverance seems to be common amongst all of them.