Rock out Wednesday #9

It’s Wednesday and you’ve either got your ‘Glass half full’ happy hat on or your ‘Glass half empty’ glum face on. At Awemous Towers, we’ve declared every Wednesday, ‘Rock out Wednesday’ and bring an excellent rock track for you to brighten up the day with.

This week Kids in Glass Houses, who really are borderline rock and more pop for the masses. They have no definable look, there definitely isn’t enough leather trousers and denim jackets on display, nor do they have an obligatory Black Flag, AC/DC, or Iron Maiden shirt wearing band member. Yet they’ve come up with this insanely catchy anthemic number, ‘Peace’ from the album of the same name released this week.

Here’s the words to the chorus you’re going to have stuck in your head for the rest of the week.

We’re singing peace in the valley and sex in my soul
Death to my body but we made it rock and roll