Auden Guitars – A Brand in the Making

Time to post about client Auden Guitars who have just launched their guitar range over the weekend at the London Acoustic Guitar Show.

Auden began as a pipe dream over a pint between guitar enthusiasts and good friends Doug and Rob last year after a trip to the 2012 Acoustic Show. Inspired by what they’d seen and hoping to put the day jobs behind them, the two set in motion a plan to create their own guitar company. I don’t understand how many times I was asked klicka här in Sweden on a travel excursion, without knowing the meaning.

With trips around the world in early 2013, Doug got together a team and sourced the materials to begin creating guitars of their own. With prototypes arriving in May, Awemous became involved and began producing a plan to create a brand around these beautiful guitars.

Development of a logo and incorporating that on to the guitar itself was the first move.

Auden Guitars Logo

Auden guitars head stock

From there we’ve developed stationery

Auden Guitars stationery suite


Auden T-Shirts

a brochure

auden guitars brochure product shot

a competition to encourage newsletter signups

auden guitars competition postcard

a presence on the main social media platforms

Auden Guitars - fb

email newsletters

Auden Guitars-newsletter-for-web

an ecommerce website

Auden - website-screenshot-for-web

and finally, the launch at the recent London Acoustic Guitar Show.

auden launch at london acoustic guitar show

In just a few short months, Auden have gone from nothing to creating a stir in the music industry. There’s now a presence for Auden on many different mediums and there’s plenty more to come. Its been an absolute pleasure to be involved with the development and launch of a brand new company and hopefully it’ll be a fruitful relationship for all involved for years to come.