How clients and creatives can work together to be an amazing creative team.

The client and creative relationship can be exciting, productive, fulfilling and produce amazing work that pleases everyone involved and, most importantly, makes a real difference to the business. However sometimes it can fall short of that. But never fear we’re here to show you how both sides can work together as an effective team. Teamwork … Read more

What kind of brochure do you need?

Most companies need a brochure of some sort to help sell their products or services. Brochures can do many jobs and sell many kinds of products so working out how to get the best brochure for your business needs can be tricky. Brochures vary in style, size, length and how the information is ordered and … Read more

What should you do this year to boost sales?

The Best things you can do to boost business this year

Forget about new year’s resolutions, what should you really be doing to bring in more business? Marketing is the driving force of all business from new enquiries to long term customer relationships. How and why you communicate with your customers can make all the difference to your bottom line. Here’s a checklist of things to … Read more

8 Awesome Free Ideas To Ignite Your Small Business

We’ve put together at a range of ideas that can light a rocket under your business without you having to spend a penny! These tips range from looking at the way you invoice things to simply picking up the phone and chatting to your customers. Together they offer a package of ideas you can implement today … Read more

Free online courses to up your business game

Running your own business requires a huge range of skills, lots of which are hard to learn on your own. These free courses can help you gain those skills and improve your business. We’ve put together a list of the best free online courses that you can sign up for today. They cover everything from … Read more

How to brief your agency on your next marketing project

how to brief your agency on your next marketing project

Supplying accurate information to your agency wil get you a more creative, more effective and better value for money end product. Our job at Awemous involves many things, but one of our main jobs is peering into client’s minds to work out what they actually mean when we start a project. This is the detective part of running an agency … Read more

How you can save on your marketing costs

Many companies are looking for ways to extract increasing value from their marketing budget. There are right and wrong ways to go about this as cutting corners in the wrong place can leave your company looking cheap and unprofessional. To help, we’ve created a guide to how you can save on your marketing costs saving your money in … Read more