Inspiration Friday #5

As it’s Friday and the end of another week, we can often be accused of not really wanting to give a ****. If that feels a bit like you today, then why not get inspired by this music video. Not every Inspiration Friday has to be a bloke on a stage giving a speech!

Inspiration Friday #5 is a music video called The Apple Tree. Put together from 700 clips of movies by Khameleon808, it perfectly matches the sound with its visuals. An absolutely epic achievement with over 200 hours of editing alone, it would go fantastically well in a pub or nightclub as the beginning or ending of an evening. I hope you enjoy it.

In Khameleon808’s words,

“Track Selection was directly inspired by the band The Glitch Mob, HERE IS THE MOVIE LIST!!  Clips are listed in order of appearance. It is not intended to tell a story. I didn’t edit it that way. I wanted to relate sound to motion. So each and every cut you see was picked for a reason.”

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