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CLIENT: VenuIQ  |   PROJECT: VenuIQ Website Design & Build   |   DETAILS: Wordpress

This second iteration of the VenuIQ website reflects the new position of the company as they become a more product based offering.

Finding a simple way to showcase a technology product that can be almost anything you want it to be wasn’t straightforward. Splitting the offering based on audiences helped and from that we created an expanded visual identity for the renewed brand that highlights and focuses on the product’s USPs and give VenuIQ a memorable personality in their market.

While the site is run from a single backend, each sub-brand functions as a stand alone micro-site with custom menus, subdomains and SEO that targets the unique audiences for each product.

Clear calls to action for each product and custom forms ensure each enquiry to filtered to the correct member of the team making responding to leads quick and easy.

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“We’re delighted with the new website. The lead generation capabilities it has built in have revolutionised our sales approach.”

Oliver Rowe | VenuIQ

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