Pub Order Branding, Website and Marketing

Pub Order Branding App Screen
Pub Order Brand Business Cards

CLIENT: Pub Order   |   PROJECT: App Branding and Website   |   DETAILS: Concept & Design

Pub Order is an app that allows customers to order from their table, helps pubs and restaurants open during COVID-19 and ensures social distancing and government guidelines are easier to stick to.

The app itself was created in a very short space of time, and we knew speed was of the essence when it came to the brand and marketing as well. We created a simple but striking brand that spoke to the uncluttered, direct UI of the app itself. This fed back into the app’s design to give the brand a coherent feeling.

Once the look and feel had been agreed upon and the development of the app completed, we played the messaging out over a website and landing pages on partner sites as well as marketing via social media advertising.

Pub Order Website Design Screens