Auden Press Advertising Campaigns

CLIENT: Auden Guitars

PROJECT: Press Adverts

DETAILS: Concept, design

Auden came to us as a start up company with a need to get their name and products out there as fast as possible. Print advertising is a great way to do this and with a targeted campaign in industry press that build their brand they were soon on their way to being a known name.

Over the course of the years each campaign has changed and grown, we’ve included Auden artists in some campaigns and used quotes from amazing reviews of their guitars in others. Constantly changing things up and growing their brand recognition.

We also create adverts for them around events that they do during the year

Awemous Says: “Great advertising campaigns are built on simple ideas and brand recognition. By thinking of your advertising as a series of campaigns rather than endless months after month of the same thing you keep the visuals fresh and reach new audiences”