Happy New Year

Another year rolls round and we’re all back at our desks with noses to the grindstone putting together clever stuff for businesses around the country. Happy New Year everyone.

But first let’s take a quick look back at 2016. Sure Brexit and Trump happened and 90% of our heroes disappeared but there was some good bits too.

Our favourite advertising campaigns of the year:

Channel 4’s We’re the Superhumans campaign was inspirational, sexy, fun and cool. Everything that makes you take notice and talk about it. What more could you ask for?

The Lidl Surprises campaign is obviously a surprise here. After all, when has there ever been a good supermarket advert? But Lidl achieved it this year with their series of adverts that addressed the public’s concern that their cheap prices meant terrible food. In the above ad, Debbie (superbly chosen for her Turkey prison comment and obviously snooty attitude) is invited to one of the farms that Lidl sources its Turkeys from. Surprise, surprise it’s not a prison but looks quite fun and Debbie eats her words. The public loved it and voted it the Christmas advert that would make them most likely to buy.  Which after all is the whole reason for advertising, not to make people feel all gooey.

The worst campaign / advert this year:


Maybe this from Apple. It makes absolutely no sense at all. Poor Steve Jobs must be rolling round his grave at watching his company go down the road of Brand and Image adverts rather than the product based adverts they became famous for. Sainsbury’s terrible animated 3 minute sing song number was pretty close though and Money Supermarket really do need a new idea…

There was plenty of strange and annoying stuff to choose from though. For a much better round up head to AdTurds for their worst ads of 2016.

Strangest Redesign

Uber re-design of logo for app

Uber updated its app logo from a powerful ‘U’ – a letter it basically owned on screens throughout the world – to a bizarre digital sperm fertilising an egg. Why? No-one knows.

Some fun things we did in 2016:

We were delighted to be recommended by existing customers to new businesses this year. One company, RC Cartridges was particularly fun to work with as we had a bit of room to move with their advertising campaign. Below is just some of the roughs we did to give them a direction to head in. The ‘thick with birds’ advert ran in October.


We produced another fantastic event for foodservice distributor MKG in August. With a Brazil theme to liven up proceedings inside, we also hired some professional footballers to keep the people entertained outside. It proved to be a brilliant decision with an epic contest to decide the fastest shot of the day.

There were also some great movies to watch.

Notably, Zootopia / Zootropolis (why does it have two names?).

Featuring some of the funniest moments ever in cinema and an awesome female lead who isn’t a princess, hilarious sloths (see the trailer below ) plus a solid detective story.

Zootropolis also did one great thing for animation – it put the earphones in the correct place on the animals!

zootopia earphones

And then there was this, which made us laugh hysterically and wander round the place singing it all day for weeks on end. All together now, Pen Pineapple Apple Pen – uhhh!


So Happy New Year everyone!