Contact Security Brochure

Contact Security Brochure spread

CLIENT: Contact Security

PROJECT: Company Brochure

DETAILS: Concept, page planning, design and print spec of corporate brochure

Contact Security came to us whilst on a journey to update their company look and feel. They had a logo they had been using for a long time that they didn’t want to change but a brand new website that had quite a different look. They needed a brochure that bridged the gap between these two elements and portrayed them as the friendly face of security.

We came up with a series of options for them from evolution to revolution and helped them to structure the information in the brochure to prioritise their unique selling points and make their complex information accessible and easy to understand.

We also created leaflets for specific sectors and updated their business cards.

Contact Security leaflet images

Awemous says: Serious businesses don’t have to look stuffy and corporate, by focusing on the positive outcomes of your product or service you can present and friendly, welcoming image to the world.