MKG Brochure

Brochure design for MKG Foods


PROJECT: Annual Brochure

DETAILS: Brochure Concept & Design

Each year MKG produce a product catalogue which is used by new and existing customers as well as MKG’s sales teams. At Awemous we’ve worked with MKG over the last few years to evolve the brochure into a truly useful sales tool – not a straightforward job with 1000’s of detailed product listings packed into a limited space. End users often have little time and can be comparing multiple company’s brochures so a design that works hard to keep people engaged without overwhelming them is key.

The answer lies in a regimented and strict grid system and making the most of good photography to enhance the page. Hints, tips and ideas boxes break up the tables of information and help position MKG as the helpful, friendly face of food delivery.

Awemous Says: “A brochure has to work really hard for you so thinking about the end user, their needs and expectations and how you can communicate your unique messages is super important.”