Shutter Spec Security Branding

CLIENT: Shutter Spec Security

PROJECT: Brand Identity

DETAILS: Development of logo, straplines, brand identity

Andrew from Shutter Spec Security approached us when his dream of running his own company was a twinkle in his eye, he had a name and a plan and not much else.

So we worked with him to create a brand and website that would work across his target audiences (from home owners to huge industrial estate managers) and would explain his range of services without feeling overwhelming or techy.

The lines in the logo are carried across all elements of the brand uniting the whole and re-enforcing the message of what the company does without over complicating the visual language.

Shutter Spec Security now have a powerful design-savvy brand that is also simple enough for them to be able to be able execute items for themselves, like in-house invoices and posts for social media.

Awemous Says: “If you are thinking of starting a business then getting your brand look and feel sorted early is the way to go. It doesn’t have to be complicated and we can build the brand so that you are able to create items yourself and then use our skills for the big jobs that need a bit of design polish”


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