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Good Superbowl Ads – God Made a Farmer

Normally I’m not too much a fan of these lifestyle sorts of adverts which lie on the heavy side of emotion rather than showing a product. But this one for Dodge is a cinematic beauty. Loads of lovely HDR photos shown in a slideshow format over the top of a Paul Harvey reading about farming.
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The Dog that thinks its a Car

This is just great. You get a feeling of fun throughout, the same fun you have as a kid when your’re out running about and pretending you are a racing car or a giant truck. VW (or at least their agencies) just keep on getting it right. No matter how boring their car looks or
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Comfortable Weather Guy

Everybody’s favourite non-conformist, Speedo wearing, don’t give a ****, drink chugging, man about beach is back. Southern Comfort are stretching the life of their character having him appear in a series of videos titled Comfortable Weather Guy that help display the weather in your town. It’s all good harmless stuff that helps us chaps find
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Buyral – the ultimate viral making video

Bloody hell, this is genius. From the clever buggers at John St. So prescient too. This does appear to be where our lives are heading. It’s Mechanical Turk taken to the nth degree. The increasing digitisation of our lives heads to one finite point where we click videos and ads of products to like them
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Stand up and take a bow Ikea

Nice one Ikea. Just hats off all round. To client. Agency (Mother). Director. Production people. Everyone. Just nice. (Well except for the music, which is a bit twee, but you can’t have everything).


Apple Jumps the Shark

Apple gives up completely on trying out new ideas and instead ‘invents’ an entirely ‘new’ feature for its iPhone 5 by making it fit ALL hands perfectly. This despite hands being different sizes. This despite it not being a feature at all, an advancement or anything worth talking about. That’s right. Apple is now advertising
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Was it inevitable Brad would sell out?

Brad, Brad, Brad, Brad, Brad. *shaking head* What the hell is Brad Pitt (previously one of the coolest men on the planet) doing mumbling gibberish in B&W for ladies smelleries Chanel? How much money can Brad need that he has to resort to this? His movies give him regular pay packets in the $1m+ range.
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The Death of UK Advertising

We live in dangerous times. All around us the financial apocalypse rages. Citizens riot on the streets in Africa, Europe, and the UK for jobs, fairer wages, and better living standards for all. Countries and people that have lived on the ‘never never’ for as long as they can remember are under pressure from the
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Beauty meets Brains … and explodes?!

A fantastic entry by BBH and Huawei for the worst advert of all time. This is toss on a grandiose scale. On opposite sides of a desert, a white horse faces down an old bloke. Think Shadowfax and Gandalf. Horse and man then decide to run into each other. The resulting explosion (reminiscent of those
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Squidgy, Squidgy Baby

Haribo Starmix – dear god the horror. This. Pile. Of. Dung. Is. Just. A. Load. Of. Random. Words. Shouted. Out. By. Wooden. Fools. In. Front. Of. A. Fake Service. Station. I feel ill. Join me in banning the eating of Haribo products in protest at their laughing in the face of advertising.