Dancing rears its ugly head again

Back in 2014 we talked about how dancing was the fad of the moment. You drank or ate something and started to dance. There was no reason for the dancing – it just was. Somehow as a viewer you were meant to understand that the dancing was good and that the item you drank or ate … Read more

Here’s a couple of fresh promotional ideas

Keeping your marketing active and constant can be a challenge. After all, you’ve probably been doing the same thing every year for a long time. Sure, it it’s not broke, why fix it? Sometimes, though you can be forced into doing something different, either through a change in management, budgets, timings or a new audience. … Read more

Adverts that make us a little bit sick

Motion Sickness is that feeling of nausea you get after spinning round too rapidly on the mad carousel in the park, bobbing up and down in a boat, or being stuck in the back seat of a car when you’re little. It’s caused when there’s a disconnect from what your eyes see and what your inner … Read more

Think I better dance now – The Tom Jones effect on advertising

tom jones dancing

As we catalogue the long slow death of creativity in advertising, it’s always fun to spot trends appearing among the larger advertisers. This post features some of the latest offenders of ‘Eat / Drink this and you’ll start singing and / or dancing’ craze. “Why? Why would that happen?”, I ask. “Just because we can … Read more

The slow slow death of advertising part 15

milli vanilli

Over the years, we’ve looked at a few really poor adverts and pointed out that as a whole the creative industry seems to be slowly giving up on trying too hard. Or you can look at it slightly differently and say that clients aren’t allowing the creative souls to get away with as much craziness … Read more

Smart car rocks the 4×4 world

Fantastic ad from the good people at Smart. Great to see an ad telling the truth and focusing on a core feature. Nope, it can’t climb hills, cross streams or go over big bumps but hell it’s damn easy to park. You go Smart car. Humorous, on message, nicely shot. Rocking soundtrack too. All in … Read more

Scrunch or Fold this Andrex

three seashells

In this video by Andrex about your toilet wiping activities, a bunch of z-list ‘celebrities’ ask us what we do with our paper – Scrunch or Fold? What is that even about? So for the benefits of science, I took a quick poll at Awemous Towers this week. It revealed the following: 1. People ‘wipe’ their bums … Read more

Dove vs retouching

This is Dove Canada’s promotional piece by Olgivy Toronta of a bit of guerilla marketing they employed against the designers, art directors and retouchers who trim models in advertising to make them look more perfect. It’s a laudable goal to ask society to look at itself without the rose tinted goggles on. They created a Photoshop action … Read more

The Best and the Worst of Lego Promotion

There’s been a few posts around the internet world on some of the latest Lego promotions. For the most part Lego seems to be losing the plot: Toxel has a good collection of the latest Lego Riddles on display. Here’s a few: For the most part, it’s just super indulgent stuff which has little to … Read more